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"The Best Damn Pool Instruction Book, Period!" by Ron Schneider

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The Best Damn Pool Instruction Book Period! in CD form. Contains animated diagrams Are you the type of pool player who plays a lot and never gets any better? Do you want to get better but don't know how? If the answer is yes, (especially to the second question), this CD is for you. Learn by doing, with great practice drills and clear illustrations. This is the only pool instruction CD that features Flash technology in such accurate detail. This CD has great information on safety play, kicking systems, banking, combinations, caroms, jump shots, and a host of other professional techniques. Ron Schneider is an active Certified Instructor by the Billiard Congress of America. He is an instructor graduate of both the CUE-TECH BILLIARD ACADEMY in Carrolton, Texas and the AMERICAN BILLIARD ACADEMY in Garden Grove, California. While his professional and business career as a pharmacist, drug store owner, and chain drug executive and his family have kept him away from pursuing the art of pocket billiards on a more serious level, he has won countless tournaments in various states. This book is the culmination of over 50 years of learning, playing, and teaching the game of pool.

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