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Cornbread Red

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Cornbread Red
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This book takes the reader into the life and mind of pool's greatest money player, Billy Joe Burge, known to most as "Cornbread Red". Taste the excitement of high-stakes gambling as you go head-to-head in competition. Be there when the cues are chaulked, the stakes are raised, and the nine-ball rolls into the corner pocket. Born to a sharecropping family during the great depression, Cornbread Red's early talent for pool was encouraged and his passion to win made him a favorite among betting men. In a fast, thrilling, and sometimes dangerous culture, Red learned the "rules of the road" from hustlers, gamblers, con-men, and champions. This is a great book that reads like a story. Although not an instructional book as such, it does provide great insight into the mind of a competitor, while at the same time providing great entertainment.

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