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The Dead Stroke Tapes

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The Dead Stroke Tapes
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Hypnosis works and helps pool players play better pool! The Dead Stroke Tapes will train your brain to "get into the zone". This is the follow-up series to the very popular "Overcoming Contenderosis" set of tapes. You can play your best game by discovering your hidden brain power. The purpose of the Dead Stroke series is to train your brain to produce dead stroke on demand. It's not rocket science - you win more games, more money, and get the recognition you deserve. The twelve lessons on twelve tapes are: #1 Trusting your Subconscious; #2 Steps to Success; #3 Inner Criticism; #4 The Wipe Out; #5 Perfecting Abilities; #6 Playing in Trance; #7 It's in your Memory; #8 Remembering the Best; #9 Future Attitude; #10 Rx for Discouragement; #11 Subliminal Prosperity; and #12 Pre-Match Psych Up.

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